For the record.....

Yowza it is a hot one out there today. Current temp of 104 actually sets a record here in Kirkland topping the previous record of 103. After what seems like a month of above normal temperatures I think I am actually starting to acclimate. Listen to me, talking pretty tall for a girl that is sitting in front of a fan in a cotton sarong. Not that there is anything else to do in this heat….. Simply not a day for outside activities.

With a renewed hope for my job search I have spent the day in front of the computer and fan searching all the job sites. That being completed for the day, I move onto checking in with the old blogaroni.

Last weekend I went to a Women of Faith conference with a couple of girlfriends. I’ve been before and really recommend ladies with the opportunity to check it out. A great weekend filled with ladies sharing courageous stories of their Faith walk. I both laughed and cried throughout the weekend. And danced and sang with Steven Curtis Chapman and Mandisa. Just a great way to spend a weekend!

I thought I would share a few collage pieces I have done recently. I did the Seek 2 Learn canvas a while ago as I am dedicated to remain open for spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with God. I used to have cards with scripture written on them plastered around the house but with it being on the market I thought these might be a better alternative.

The past month has provided a recurring theme in my life lesson. It seems that my requirement is to learn forgiveness. Whether at church, at work, the recent conference or in talking with friends, the topic of forgiveness comes into the picture. I have worked hard at resolving resentments over the years but have been stuck when it comes to an ex-boss and my ex-husband. Through the help of the scriptures and several friends counsel, I finally accept that forgiveness is a choice I make, not a feeling that can be acquired. So as a reminder of the gift that I have received and am now expected to also give I made this collage now hanging on my bedroom wall……

Ok I have nothing else to say for now…. I am heading out to set up the sprinkler for my nightly romp with Connor. It’s been a wonderful thing we both share on hot evenings!


Friday night video.....

Can't believe it's been almost a month since posting. 2 part time jobs and full time job search are filling my days. I just wanted to post this video making the news circuit today. This is my kind of wedding..... I absolutely love it! These kids got married last month in St. Paul MN. I wish them the best!

To see correctly Double click on the video to enlarge the screen....

I have been gifted tickets to the Women of Faith Conference this weekend at Key Arena. I have gone before & am sure to get a boost of Inspiration, Hope, Lovin'. There is something special when women hold women up isn't there?

Have a great weekend! It is going to be a hot one!