Happy Birthday Sister Sue!

MY 10 favorite memories about my OLDER sister Sue:

1. Going for rides on the back of the Honda - I think I fell off once didn't I?

2. Spending hours in your room at night - having you put my hair up in those old hard brush curlers. The hairdryer cap & hose thing, & the combing, ratting, styling DO's we would create.

3. Listening to your music with you and I still think you sound just like Diana Ross.

4. Crashing over the garbage can with the car at the hamburger joint/putt putt golf place (what is the name of it?)

5. Watching you at Lakeshore swim club. You and the older girls in the corner, smearing cocoa butter and baby oil and acting so cool. I couldn't wait to be that age.....

6. The water fights you would get in with Dad. The time you brought the hose into the back door to spray Dad. I remember these as pretty wicked. I loved it - Mom didn't.

7. All of the summer pool parties and family times we had when we both lived in Ridgefield. Nobody was safe from being thrown into the pool. The only chance that one might have of escape is the "No, I've got my good watch on!"

8. I loved your Ridgefield home with the Atrium. It was so big and spacious and beautiful. I loved the HUGE Christmas trees you had each year.

9. The watermelon seed spitting contests we had in the front. How on earth can you spit so far?

10. You helping me when I had my first knee surgery. You were a real blessing to me then just as you are to me now.

I love you sister - Happy Birthday!


look at the size of that

I am so very blessed to live in this part of the world. Yes I have found incredible beauty in my travels but coming home is still pretty darn special. Washington state may have its cloudy days and its drizzly rain, but it holds such beauty as a result. Really, look at the size of this tree! That is me leaning up to this monster on the Trout Lake Hike.

Its has been a crazy day and I have to get ready for company but I will see you tomorrow with something really special.......


That lovin feeling....

Absolutely Drooling over Studio Calico September kit (I know I'm a bit behind)...... I can hardly wait to use these papers with the Heidi Swapp transparencies and the vintage page. Hot things? too many to count! Check back later this week for some layouts using this product.

I would have to say that the Studio Calico gallery and monthly kits have had the most influence on my scrapbooking style this year. I love that they include a stamp set and an alphabet pack in each kit. Tonight @ 9pm Pacific the October kit is available and you can find the link to Studio Calico in the right column.

good night guys.......

evolution of Katie 2

OMGoodness see Katie grow and grow and grow

oops maybe she needs to lay off the treats. Those last 2 photos are a year apart. BUT I am going to practise being a non-intrusive grandma and will not say a word. Leave it to the post anyway right? LOL.

Sorry to hear that Paul Newman passed yesterday of lung cancer. My favorite PN movie is "Cool Hand Luke" and I admired him for his great service to others. Let's all go out and buy some Newman products in honor of "The Man"

I am taking my Connor to the dog park then come home to do some house cleaning......

see you later this weekend.... lots of ideas....


leaning left

Even James has leaned left and is supporting Borack Obama this November. It will also be his first time voting for a United States President!


just a little politics

Preface: The last Democrat I voted for was Jimmy Carter. That's right- a long time Red Girl.

When I start beating myself for poor judgement or behavior I am going to think of John McCain. I'm sure it will whip me into proper perspective quickly. What is this man thinking? He wants to suspend his campaign and tomorrows debate and return to Washington to fix the current crises. How he is going to achieve this I don't know since he isn't on the committee and will not be in on the meetings.

I am certainly not an expert on politics but it seems to me that everytime Obama gains momentum in the polls McCain does something quite radical to gain attention. I can't keep track of the strange campaign decisions the Republicans have made. McCains advisors should quit politics and slink away. McCain deserves the blame for listening to them.

America has to make a decision in 40 days on who is going to lead us through this troubled time. A lot of people use the debates to decide and I have a message for McCain:

"The world does not stop because we are in a current financial crises; and my President better be able to handle more than one thing at a time. Get to Mississippi and show America your stuff. Stop with the "no news is good news" mentality. America deserves to hear what you AND PALIN propose to do in detail. If you are not prepared to discuss details, then get out of the way and let Obama continue to lead America's movement of change."

There, I feel much better now.....


last of summer

Connor and I went to Ellensburg to visit Sue & Cary last week. It was a great weekend and very beautiful drive up over the pass. You can feel in the air the changing of seasons here now and I suppose my next trip over the pass will be a rainy or snowy one. We had a quick lunch. took the dogs for a walk and then I climbed aboard this thing.

Not by myself have you, but with my brother in law. We were down the road on our way to Robinson canyon before I realized my camera was left behind. I had such a blast on this thing except for the part when Cary told me about the rattlesnakes. Me in my pretty city girl sandles with painted toes hanging out there like bright beakons. Oh and these guys around here don't wear helmets.... No public service announcement here!!! After I safely made it back - I took a second to fix my hair before Sue took Connor and I for a drive around Ellensburg to show me the area. Again, no camera and boy was there some good photo ops! Our trip home was an awesome ride into the sunset listening to U2 Its a Beautiful Day crossing back over the pass.....

I did come home with a few more photos from Sue and the Family archive. One of my graduation photos was in the mix..... here you go - me at 17

Have a great day everybody...... Miss T


pickle makin proof

Look! Sarina sent me some proof of our recent pickle making session in Oakland! Her nummy pics from a nummy Nikon D40.

I'll be back later with a post about my "OH so Fun weekend!" Somebody needs to remind me I'm not 30 any more......


Katie 1, Dad & Home

This is a rare photo of Katie 1 - my Dads best buddy. I think this picture perfectly reflects their relationship; pretty much inseperable. She was an awesome dog that after dads passing, became Mels companion. This photo also brings back many memories of sitting on lawn chairs in front of the garage doing such things as snap beans, gather flowers to dry, eat ice cream, have watermelon seed spitting contests, or to just take in the country smells while visiting with family or friends. I can close my eyes and see with clear memory that view, even as it changed over the years and homes would replace fields of tall grass. When James was a baby and I was a stay at home princess, we would go down to Ridgefield (where I grew up) as soon as Mel got done with her softball season. We would enjoy a couple of weeks during August having fun with Grandma & Grandpa. Days would be filled with canning pickles & tomatoes, swimming, helping in the garden, and visiting with friends. It was a magical time with the kids enjoying such simple pleasures, so different than our experience in Kirkland. These days have supplied me with my favorite Mom memories too. I really did enjoy learning about canning produce and I became a sponge for her gardening knowledge. Any way happy happy happy days....

August & September remain my favorite time of year and I spend a lot of time here........

Note the cucumber price for last year. This year I paid $1.99 a pound. That's right. Double.

I love the colorful hand written signs that you just don't see in grocery chains anymore. What a shame. Love the outdoor aspect of this place too. Just Love everything about it and have been shopping here since James was a toddler and would push his own mini cart around.

And the tradition I am trying hard to pass on is ...........

This batch is now gone and boy were they good, crisp and HOT! I hope this years turn out as good.....

When I was down visiting Mel and Sarina last month, we roamed Oakland/Berkeley in order to stock up on canning equipment and we made their first batch of Gma's pickles. Me the usual photo bug was to into teaching (experiencing the moment) and forgot about the great photo opportunity. oh well.... it was still a Perfect day with the girls......


anatomy of a layout

I like to work on layouts over time vs. at one sitting and I get great pleasure from the slow thoughtful evolution of the work. For me scrapbooking is a creative outlet first documentation for future generations second. So when I start a layout it begins with a photo........

I always start with a photo or photos and a decision of what the layout message will be. Whether my purpose is to capture a moment in time or to encourage introspection. A Basic Story.....

I next select cardstock & patterned papers which help determine the color scheme. This can take some time and I usually set everything on a table and just let them be a while. I like to come back to it several times to see it with fresh eyes while I select the remaining elements. I go through my stash by different categories i.e. journal cards, flowers, ribbons or tapes, metal, chipboard, words, alphabets and keep gathering everything on the table......

The process of positioning elements on my layout is purely playing around until I like it. (I use repositionable tape) I edit the large stash compiled and simply move things around until I am happy with the composition. I work a title into the design while adding embellishments & plan my journal element. Sometimes I start a layout with specific journaling in mind but most often it developes over time.

Remember, this is mostly for pleasure so I just keep going until I get the "I like it" feeling. I usually display it a few days just in case I find one last little detail to add ........


weekend pleasures

WooHoo! I made 50 holiday cards for our servicemen & servicewomen. This awesome group supports the troops by collecting cards and sending them to our servicemen. You can read more and hopefully get involved here http://cardsforheroes.org/
I read about it over at Stephanie Howells blog last Friday and got inspired to do something. I have left the cards inside blank so that they can use them this Christmas. Using repositionable tape (kokuyo) I placed a little note of appreciation and holiday greeting with instructions about the card re-use on the inside. I want to get them in the mail soon so they have plenty of time to receive and then send back out this Christmas.

Connor enjoys the summer morning while I have coffee and work at the dining table on cards & layout. I enjoy every last bit of warm weather and know that soon we will not be able to leave the back door open.
After completing the cards I pulled out an old photo of my mom & friends in hawaii. I believe it was the last trip she took. I used a lot of items from my current favorite, Studio Calico. The paper and rubon flowers really reminds me of Mom.
Along with this wonderful creative way to spend a pretty weekend, I got more of the garage cleaned out. no photos needed of that one.....

friends big day

Sharing some photos from D & Scotty's wedding. Actually this was in late July, but it was so pretty I still want to share. The gardens were so inspiring and it was so fun just to wander around the grounds and take pictures of the unexpected.

It was a multi hanky affair, especially when the doves circled overhead while they were kissing and Scotty just gushing over his bride. The way he looks at her..... Seriously now, can we clone him?


my weekend for the Warriors!

I am spending a large part of the weekend making holiday cards for our servicemen. I'd take pics of my progress IF my son would bring back my camera!!! Be back soon with results.....


Last but certainly not least....

Meet my daughter, Melinda. I love this child and really love the lady she has become. She has moved to the Bay area and I miss the daily contact we used to have. I used to watch her dog Katie during the day when she worked at Brooks. I suppose she is now enjoying her independance since moving south and joining the North Face team. It is so funny how things turn out. My work required me to travel to Asia to work with Furniture factories. Her work in product development has required her to also travel (much more than me) overseas. It is quite a feeling to share mutual life experiences like staying the same hotel in mainland China; and seeing the nighttime sights of Hong Kong from the Peak. Those travels were really amazing to me when I did it, but it's something else when you daughter begins to share those years later. I am incredibly proud of her not only for her career accomplishments, but for her heart and soul.

Today I opened my birthday card she sent and I melted into a weepy mess, AGAIN. Pretty card, on the cover it says.... "I know a woman of strength and beauty. I have watched her for years." CHOKE. She has a funny knack of doing that. sending me cards and saying things that I need to hear at that moment. See right now I'm not feeling strong or beautiful, but stressed out and old & haggard. But this card reminds me that these feelings will pass and I will soon return to my old confident, faithful self. FAITH. It's my word of the year. I should be better at keeping it! I even have reminders to look at everyday! Time for a good dose of Pastor Mike at OCC for encouragement too!

OK this has been a rambling disjointed post. I am a better writer than this, Really I am! I am heading off to listen to this weeks sermon on http://www.occ.org/about/services.asp since I missed church - shhhh don't tell anyone! See you all later!

PS - yes I made the faith banner with Jenni Bowlin product. Love that scrapbooking line...