a call to service .......

Don't ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive
and do it. Because what the world
needs is people who have come alive.
- Howard Thurman


Hope for a better tomorrow....

I am really happy that the inaugural events are beginning. I can feel a little joy sneak in between my hot flashes and anxious mind thought. My hopes and prayers are with President elect Borack Obama & his family every day. The desperate situation he faces help me keep my own problems in better perspective. As my current difficulties seem hopeless at times, P.E. Obama brings me a certain confidence that I will be okay. As he reminds us often that this year will be another tough one, he instills hope for my long term future. I am watching the train move south toward Washington DC and am pretty sentimental about this historic occasion. I am weepy today and am sure it will only intensify as we move toward Tuesday. It might be the raging hormones or the results of a stressful personal situation - but who cares..... People who know me well aren't surprised that I would be crying over this.
Heading over the pass today toward Sues house. I hope to see most of my family and to meet the newest member Avery.
Have a wonderful day!
God Bless us!


saying goodbye 2008

and really looking forward to this new year 2009! this is my first day off since the new year and so far I've been catching up on emails and making lists of projects I need to get done this week and lists for longer term goals. so far my list for today reads.....

printer research (4th one in 5 yrs)
kitchen floor
vaccum house
blog post
tweek resume
monster website
call melinda/sarina re Helene sending us holiday flowers (delayed by snow just a tad)
schedule haircut
take down christmas tree - move to garage
pack away all christmas decs

wait a minute. this was supposed to make me feel better but now I just see a long list of things I need to do today! along with the constant pounding of a hammer from the condo above, I will bid you good day so I can get something accomplished....

back later! I am still trying to pick a good word to focus on for 2009.... that is on my mind today as I work......

OH PS - it snowed here again last night. I was driving down I405 from woodinville to my Kirkland home last night. 35 miles per hour was our speed. white out kind of snowing..... gorgeous but seriously now.
We are so done with it here....

Happy New Year!