a new addition to my soapbox

I have added a link to the Women of Vision blog to my soapbox interests on the right....

I joined the local chapter of WOV recently and have been reading a lot about the different activities available to me for additional service work. I have to be 100% honest that I recently applied for a job at World Vision (parent company) so my motives might be a bit tilted.

Anyhoo- I recently saw the Dianne Sawyer 20/20 special on "Children of the Mountains" and found it a fascinating documentary revealing great need for the people living in the Appalacian mountains. The Women of Vision organizes an annual trip to the Appalacia region for providing services and the spirit of hope to those in need. The next trip is scheduled for Oct. 2-4 and I plan to take that trip next year. It requires little personal $$$ investment but I am sure it would reap many rewards....

So go check out the blog on the right and see if you see anything that strums at your heartstrings. The Blog also has a link to the main Women of Vision website where you can join your local chapter. Local chapters participate in community service events near your home and abroad.

Let's make a difference together.... just one little effort at a time; we can do it!


Labor day.... how fitting a name!

First thing and very important; Happy Birthday Judi!

Starting the weekend trying to finish the third book of Twilight series then on to packing and organizing a lifetime of "stuff". I sold the condo but with the ability to stay here for several months while the new owners sell their Detroit home. So my moving experience will be much less stressful and better executed than usually is the case when you move a lifetime of "stuff" to it's new home.

I also am desperately struggling with trying to figure out the new IPhone I received this week as a bday gift (Thank you friend). Not easy for a tech-challenged girl like me. Thank you to all who sent me Birthday wishes this week. I love you too!!!

So it is perfect rainy weather for my weekend plans of purging and packing, reading & watching the US Open (tennis).....

Check out this video that I really love. I am off to look for my bra; but I think I burned it years ago! LOL at myself!

Have a great weekend!