Dog Days of August

Road washed out north of Index, Stevens Pass cutting us off from the Troublesome Creek Trail and campground. So many memories of that part of the woods....

swimming at Marymoor park to stay cool. "anybody got a ball?"

lazy days lounging in the back yard. Check out the Hydrangea!
I love him to bits -tj


Meet the Son

Here is a digital LO of my son James HS graduation held at Qwest Field, Home of the Seattle Seahawks. The only time I've been in this stadium. Don't you feel sorry for me and want to take me to a football game? James is now a junior & entering the Chemical Engineering program at the University of Washington. (go Dawgs!) Lord I wish this school thing would end. I have figured it out that I have had at least one child in school for the past 26 years and counting. That is more than half my life! So please excuse me but I am counting my days...

I love him to bits - tj


I heart Washington

ok I really don't know what I'm doing here. I have been trying to insert albums so I can create categories like scrapbook layouts, my recipes, etc. To no avail and I am frustrated. So I am posting a layout I have done recently. The journaling reads: "I love weekends up on Stevens Pass, hiking and camping in summer. One of my favorite hikes is to Trout Lake. Hiking through deep woods, crossing over streams, hugging the huge old growth, passing over recent landslides, and finally to the large flat lake. It was a short hike packed full of Beauty.

Who moved my cheese?

I love this book by Spencer Johnson - I think of it often these days. You see, someone has moved my cheese recently and now I am looking for a new source. Not like I couldn't see it coming. The furniture industry has been experienceing a slow decline over the past several years and when the economy started to get shakey, it took a real dive. Retailers, Importers & Manufacturers are being forced to close at a sad pace. I have been fortunate to represent manufacturers to the wholesale clubs for the past 15 years, but like Borack says "Its time for a change." The past 4 years I have had my own business representing several furniture manufacturers. While working from home holds so many benefits it does not come without its drawbacks. I look forward to new oppotunities that include collaboration with others (aka: someone to talk to). Don't get me wrong, Connor (pictured in my banner) is there to listen to me throughout the day. But I'd like more feedback than the occassional ball rolling in my direction, begging to get thrown.

So time for a change - 2008.


getting started

I'm writing in my office, with my back door open so I can hear the rain & thunder coming overhead. With CNN & and the Democratic Convention in the background, I begin to explore the blog world. I feel really safe right now because I haven't told anyone I'm doing this yet. Thought maybe I'd get in the writing flow before I spill the beans to friends & family.

So I started a facebook page recently thinking that was going to be a great way to stay up with my kids. My daughter lives in the Bay area and so I thought a blog of some sort would allow her to keep up with what Mom is doing. What I did not anticipate is that my kids might not want to be a facebook "friend" because they don't want me on their site! Hello Terri! Time to climb out from under that rock. At least I was smart enough to anticipate this from my 19 year old son, and didn't even try to go there.....

So I will try this Blog route for a while. WOW lots of thunder now.... I have got to go outside and find the lightning.... my gardens are so loving this rain!!!

jumping into blog world!

my first blog entry.... setting things up and getting a start. I'm going to play with the format a bit then be back. lol. PSYCHE!