friday night video on a monday.

wow its been a while since I ranted on the old blogaroni.....

I have had a little trouble adjusting to all the different duties now required daily. I will get there and am making progress. James moved out and now I am living completely alone for the first time in my life. That reality alone, with all its pendulum swing of emotions, will take some time for adjustment. One moment I love the perks, the other I fall into a loneliness I have never experienced. I know I will be ok. Just another opportunity for growth even though I kind of wish I hadn't had so many growth opportunities over the past 1.5 years.

Moving on; changing topics.....

Lately I have been thinking about the topic on the video below. My family would definately confirm the I am one that has been preoccupied by the external appearances for most of my life. Over the last several years I have been gradually letting that go. Now I know I have a few non churchy readers but this is still a very effective message about todays obsession for the tan, thin and beautiful. This video will hopefully make you smile or laugh and more importantly think about the bigger picture. I especially like the Washington white joke. Now you watch this video while I go spread on another coat of self tanner...... lol! It is all about progress, not perfection!

Burning Barbie from Overlake Christian Church on Vimeo.


finally feeling my mojo return......

I was totally inspired after a great church service on Sunday and came home and whipped this out in a couple of hours. No Fear!

most product is from Studio Calico or Jenni Bowlin

hopefully I will become a great Auntie again this week...... waiting patiently for the news from across Lake Washington.


Lots of not so little things…..

It’s a little after 3 and I have had a full day by my usual standards. I woke up to some great news. My son James got an awesome email from the U of Washington. He was awarded a partial scholarship from the Engineering department for his Senior year. He worked with his counselor and through a few minor changes (like moving out of moms house) he now qualifies for more grants and a higher level of subsidized loan. After all is said and done, he will have his senior year covered by a combination of scholarship, grant, and loan. And some say there isn’t a God……. This mama is sighing in relief and is very grateful for one less thing to guilt trip over.

I spent a few hours working on a Habitat for Humanity project in Redmond this morning. It was great working side by side with the single mom who will be living in the townhouse I was painting and cleaning. It was fun watching her take such loving care as she polished and vacuumed her future home. I did so little in retrospect but I have full intention to get more involved with the program in the future. One thing I know to be true is service work for others reduce my own tendency to throw outrageous pity parties for myself.

Last thing for today is showing a layout I just finished. It has been really hard to keep up on the scrapping and I think my mojo might be lost forever….. however this one was way to quick and easy…..

I hope to be back again tomorrow with another post. I have a burning desire to jump up on my soapbox and talk a bit about something affecting every American…..

PS - had to add this video for my Pastors wife Jodie. This awesome woman in doing a half Iron man in Boise as we speak. Her theme song is one of my favorite U2 song. I am going to play it this afternoon several times in her honor. I am pretty sure that right now she is doing the bike portion..... Go Jodie you Rock star you! By the way a link to her blog is on my sidebar to the right. Jodie Howerton. Just click on her name......


hold your head up and keep on dancin.....

Welcome to a new series called FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS!

I claim this blog title literally because when I found this one I just couldn't help but get up and dance. Connor was the only witness to my nuttiness! Yes, music turns me into a 20 something all over again!

Come on back tomorrow. I have some plans to share more this weekend! Happy Friday!


The birthday girl......

Just a quick note to show off the birthday girl Megan and her new awesome haircut! We had such a great time and we ate our brains out.... I am feeling a bit guilty because I didn't get charged my fair share for dinner. I will have to do something really nice for Jennifer who carried most of the burden. It was so much fun and a really big deal for me as I can't remember the last time I went out.
I have been working 2 part time jobs lately which is really helping ease the stress. I am still in negative cash flow but at least at a slower rate. The job listings have decreased lately, so I am really grateful to those who are giving me the occasional odd job for income.
Monday night TLC watch and getting ready for Jon & Kate + 8. Now that is a storyline that helps me keep my life in perspective. I count my blessings ......


a birthday wish.....

Pulled together this simple canvas for a friend celebrating her twenty something Bday. We are meeting at PF Changs for a celebration so I wanted to give it a fortune cookie theme. The fortune reads "you will always be surrounded by true friends". It is shameful how easy this was to do. First I have a collection of small canvases bought long ago during the major Dick Blick sale. When I see a technique I like on other blogs I like to play around creating canvas backgrounds to keep on hand for future. I had done this one a while back and it became a perfect base for this project. Like usual, I pulled out my Studio Calico stash and began cutting and gluing....... so simple yet so different from the other birthday cards she will receive. I will hate to see it go, it kind of looks good next to an old photo of a Monk at a Buddhist Temple in Bangkok, Thailand (circa 2003).

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and keeping with the Chinese theme.....

Nee How Ma !
(good day in Mandarin)


run on popsicles in the northwest.....

it is way to hot to fall asleep easily tonight so I am exploring the vimeo website to see what inspires me.

I am lovin' this tale of a local dude doing great things. OK maybe I've been listening to my SoCal transplant surfer dude pastor for a bit too long. I say this with a lot of love.......

Motor(ed) Bike from Overlake Christian Church on Vimeo.

I hope to one day be in a position to do something this great and this selfless. I would absolutely love to work for a non profit organization. Is this the time? I wish I could see what the future holds for me, but if I could see what is in store I would not grow in Faith. For everything there is a purpose. and a season.

Good night all......