getting started

I'm writing in my office, with my back door open so I can hear the rain & thunder coming overhead. With CNN & and the Democratic Convention in the background, I begin to explore the blog world. I feel really safe right now because I haven't told anyone I'm doing this yet. Thought maybe I'd get in the writing flow before I spill the beans to friends & family.

So I started a facebook page recently thinking that was going to be a great way to stay up with my kids. My daughter lives in the Bay area and so I thought a blog of some sort would allow her to keep up with what Mom is doing. What I did not anticipate is that my kids might not want to be a facebook "friend" because they don't want me on their site! Hello Terri! Time to climb out from under that rock. At least I was smart enough to anticipate this from my 19 year old son, and didn't even try to go there.....

So I will try this Blog route for a while. WOW lots of thunder now.... I have got to go outside and find the lightning.... my gardens are so loving this rain!!!

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