Hope for a better tomorrow....

I am really happy that the inaugural events are beginning. I can feel a little joy sneak in between my hot flashes and anxious mind thought. My hopes and prayers are with President elect Borack Obama & his family every day. The desperate situation he faces help me keep my own problems in better perspective. As my current difficulties seem hopeless at times, P.E. Obama brings me a certain confidence that I will be okay. As he reminds us often that this year will be another tough one, he instills hope for my long term future. I am watching the train move south toward Washington DC and am pretty sentimental about this historic occasion. I am weepy today and am sure it will only intensify as we move toward Tuesday. It might be the raging hormones or the results of a stressful personal situation - but who cares..... People who know me well aren't surprised that I would be crying over this.
Heading over the pass today toward Sues house. I hope to see most of my family and to meet the newest member Avery.
Have a wonderful day!
God Bless us!

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Margy said...

Lord knows we all need the hope that our new president brings! I have never been so optimistic--unless it was when I was only 17 and Kennedy was elected and the world was good. It is again and the inauguration will be amazing---I plan on tearing up quite a bit!
Glad you can get to meet Avery..we will go this summer sometime. Take care, Love, margy