I need a weekend to rest after this weekend!

Living proof that I am getting out of my shell and enjoying life a little more...... Thank you friends and you know who you are (Roy, Leslie & Todd)

Friday night Concert series at Bothell Landing....

Normally camera shy Roy in right corner below.... Thank you for being my friend.

Saturday Hike with Leslie and Connor; Mirror Lake on Snoqualmie Pass...

Two buddies bonding ....... a love fest on Connors part. Me? I took a quick dip in my hiking clothes to cool off. It was absolutely heaven. Hey Leslie; thanks for being my friend.

Seafair Sunday I went out with Todd, Julie, Amanda and her GF to watch the Blue Angels on the I-90 bridge. I am practising my T pose (I will explain next week). All I can say is that the Angels are again AWESOME. I think I had more fun than the rest and expect to go it alone or have to gather a new group for next year (their interest died with the heat).

Finally got to meet Julie. I hope you are feeling better!

So there...... She lives......
and has fun with the help of some awesome friends! Thanks to everyone! (except the bugs that ate me up; 52 bites and counting)

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