no more excuses.......

My belly is full and content. My taste buds filled with the delights of my lunch of Fried Green Tomatoes. But what about those who do without the luxury of a lunch? What can we do for them? What can you do for them?

Excuses not to serve from Overlake Christian Church on Vimeo.

I have wanted to go to Africa to contribute to a positve message for many years. Serving others in greater need than me has been a significant influence in my recovery from self destructive mind thought and behavior. I learned this long ago and try to practise in everyday life. I have long admired my brother Dick and SIL Margy for their time in the Peace Corp when they were younger. I have always admired the work of World Vision and Save the Children. My biggest dream is to go on a mission trip to Africa and I believe the time will come next year.

There is some good interest in my home recently and I will be able to make a lot of positive changes when I have sold it. I will be able to pay back all debt and start rebuilding a retirement account and still meet my goal of going on a trip to help those in greater need than me. I also have sent my resume to World Vision, headquartered in Federal Way. No openings right now, but you have to start somewhere right?

So there it is..... Set a Goal and take one step at a time to move toward meeting those goals! That is what I am all about today.....

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