Labor day.... how fitting a name!

First thing and very important; Happy Birthday Judi!

Starting the weekend trying to finish the third book of Twilight series then on to packing and organizing a lifetime of "stuff". I sold the condo but with the ability to stay here for several months while the new owners sell their Detroit home. So my moving experience will be much less stressful and better executed than usually is the case when you move a lifetime of "stuff" to it's new home.

I also am desperately struggling with trying to figure out the new IPhone I received this week as a bday gift (Thank you friend). Not easy for a tech-challenged girl like me. Thank you to all who sent me Birthday wishes this week. I love you too!!!

So it is perfect rainy weather for my weekend plans of purging and packing, reading & watching the US Open (tennis).....

Check out this video that I really love. I am off to look for my bra; but I think I burned it years ago! LOL at myself!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

It feels like things are turning in a positive direction for you with God being in control of all things taking care of those who believe. My dear friend that you and I his children. I don't mean to be to heavy, but I just wanted to praise our all mighty as a reminder to myself.

So you like your new toy! You may say and think your tech challenged, but I know your a smart girl and will have it figured out in no time!!!!

Good Luck and you know who to call if you need help!

Terri said...

Oh Mark- giving God Praise is never a heavy topic..... isn't it great to know we are loved beyond measure?