Lost son finds way home again……

James came home the other night and since he brought every piece of technology with him, I think he is planning on staying for a while. He has been in Seattle since late July, escaping quickly once the house flooded. He has enjoyed life as a college dude living with a bunch of other college dudes near the UW campus. But winter is here, hours at Home Depot drastically cut, and the emergence of an ever present girlfriend of a roommate brought on the return. I am most sure it will take some getting used too….. the shoes in the entry way and the dirty clothes & dishes left everywhere….Hmmm? What was that thing I was just writing about? That’s right! Grateful list…. Grateful list….

Welcome home son! Connor and I are happy to see you again!

My customary kick off to holiday decorating is as soon as the dishwasher starts humming after our Thanksgiving dinner….. Since I will be in Oakland for Thanksgiving this year, I have decided to get a little head start here and there….

Much much more home décor to come. I have a Ho! Ho! Bug brewing inside but the internet is going in and out this morning causing a frustrating blogging experience....

I am off to get my new tires, alignment & oil change very much needed. Thank you God for providing for my needs today…….

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Close To Home said...

oh sometimes it is tough to make a grateful list LOL. Lovely decorations!