Tigger says Happy Holidays! I had such a great time in Oakland (way too short) for Thanksgiving holiday. Lots of updates from the kids down south….

Sarina picked me up Wednesday morning at SFO and I got a chance to really check out the new Toyota Highlander Hybrid they are breaking in (aka battling with the dealer over poor service stage). Sarina also recently got the new title Vice President of Product Development at Bare Escentials. A job that she was doing without a title for some time now (get used to it, that seems to be a trend with growing companies). Anyway, Atta girl, congratulations and enjoy that big office with a window & view of the Oakland Bridge. You deserve it!

I had a really good time meeting Sarina’s mom Helene and stepdad David. As time went on I could see similarities between Helene and myself and it was nice to spend time with her. And David is a riot (actually I think he is Cary’s brother, separated at birth) and can carve a mean turkey. I was very gracious when his Cowboys beat my Seahawks. I have had to be gracious a lot this year though. Here are a few photos from the trip…..

I got a seasonal job at Macy’s Bellevue on Monday and went through orientation yesterday. It was an interested bunch of new employees….. Definitely proving to be an equal opportunity environment. The pick of the litter was an 18ish year old kid that got called out for laughing 3 times (by 2 different mgrs) and disrupting the group. It is amazing to me that this kid comes to a place where people are going to pay him for a service & he can’t even sit through 4 hours training without acting like a kid in the back of history class making fun of the teacher. Like I told Mel, it's not really very hard to be a star new employee when you are compared to this one. Or to the girl that asked a second time about wearing hats to work…… as if they would say yes the second time…. So back to retail…full circle back to my first job at Monkey Wards!

I still don’t have my Christmas tree up yet. My To Do list is growing longer.

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