Winter '08 - Take 3

it is again snowing in Kirkland. The news said it was over but it surely does not look like it here. I tried to go to work today, but slipped a few times and saw 3 wrecks. I could see they had a team of snow plows going I405 Northbound but southbound had not been done yet. it is just too slick out there. I love my new tires on the snow and am very happy I spent the extra $ on my recent purchase. But ice is different and this girl has her limits for the approx. $50 missed.

back to much more important things.... will you please look after the neighborhood wildlife during this freeze? When I let Connor out this morning I could see bird tracks all over the patio

The birds were so happy, dancing around our back yard so I put out some fresh food and water in the wheel barrow. I then threw out some apple chips for whatever vermit will find them. I love my birds -

James out front talking with neighbor Janice. He was so nice to unbury my car this morning. I am so glad I took these pictures of him. 20 minutes later there was a big ugly pathway shoveled through the snow to the side walk and mail boxes. Extremely nice of someone to do but still not quite as picturesque as below....

and it snows on....... at this point I really hope it lasts until Christmas and so the girls can see some white snow.

Happy Holidays to everyone..... I am off to start a fire, wrap the last of presents and watch a movie. I will take photos of the tree next....

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