my last weeks have been filled with blisters and backaches, bandaids and ice packs. Being on a time clock and smiling when you don't want to....... aaahhh retail! Now I remember why I switched and took the office route for my career path. I find the drama that surrounds the department extremely exhausting and so far have avoided it well. I just work harder than most and keep too busy to participate...... I liken this temporary job as a 6 week furniture market (trade show). Same clothes, same exhaustion except I can't sit down on furniture to rest BUT I do get to sleep in my own bed and kiss my dog nightly (a big factor)

anyway I hope to catch up on some house cleaning (prep for Christmas visitors), holiday shopping & wrapping, pay some bills & return some long ago phone calls/emails over the next few days..... and I dream of some good old horizontal time to relieve the back/knees

Final thought/question for today.....
why do they store so many bras so close to the ground?
why do customers have the need to go up to a table just organized neatly & rummage through and mess up the piles I just spent an hour stacking?
why do mothers let their children run through racks and pull clothes off hangers?

ok - just can't end that way. I am grateful for the $200 deposit into my account from Macys Inc. that showed up Friday. I am grateful that I am learning the words to a few more christmas carols this season and that I can still find something to laugh about every day!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Hugs!

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