Happy May Day!

Thank you for all the encouraging words. The act of writing down emotions tends to be quite cathartic for me. Putting thought to paper helps the process and I am today more focused on the exciting aspects of upcoming changes. James moving out, a career change and a home change all at the same time can be daunting at moments. But I was reminded this week how often being uncomfortable accompanies times of great growth.

So I took my earlier advise and have watched the Mike video a couple times; gaining perspective once again.

I am off to wash my sofa slipcovers and look for a few throw rugs per realtor advise. We are going to have great weather; sunny and in the 70's -
Nothing will get in my way of enjoying today!

Have a happy Friday! and a happy May Day! I am adding to my to do list.....

Make a Posie and put on my bedside table!

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