Rebecca on the brain......

Woke up pretty early today since James had to shower and get out the door to work opening shift at 6am. Not that I actually said anything at 5:30 but the brain was roused and working. After reading my Somerset Studio mag last night I had planned on a trip to my favorite antique market to see if anything was CHEAP and available to fill my craving for vintage fabric & needlework.
Shortly after my Saturday morning ritual of coffee and Jaime Oliver (English bloke that has a fantastic garden and is an incredible chef) my birthday boy James called to tell me he was having problems with his wisdom teeth and in "excruciating pain." Knowing full well he would not go get the ambisol I suggested until after his shift ends, I put it into speed gear to get out the door. If you missed it, today is sort of James' birthday. Sort of because he is my leap year day baby born 21 years ago....... Any hoo I dropped off the ambisol to my guy in the orange apron as he mixed paint for customers and then I chatted a little with an older Depot employee who had such nice things to say about my kiddo..... "Boy he is a really good kid, works hard and smart" to be exact.
I finished my other necessary errands before I treated myself to an antique escape..... To my surprise, they were having a semi annual sale with everything being 15-50% off marked price. Now since everything with a vintage or antique label in my town is marked way too high to begin with, it was hardly the bargain I read about in the south. With an eagle eye for only things that were garage sale pricing and calculator in hand I found the above goodies. The score of the day was the antique photos and the big bag of embroidery goods and saffron tin. As I opened the bag of yarns I found a crumpled up old note about the cost of taking the autobahn from Yugoslavia to Austria then Hungary. Yugoslavia? Seeing that was an omen that it was meant to be mine and not to feel guilt in the selfish indulgence. See I am 1/2 Macedonian aka part of Yugoslavia. I showed great restraint and kept my total purchase to less than a 20 spot for all the goods above.
So I have had a great morning but now I must get back to my painting. Today is James door and casings day...... Since he won't be home much he can do without the door. Everyone I am asking a favor. James is going out tonight with his buddies for the official "21 run" so I could use some prayers that they do nothing really stupid and they stay safe. I know I will be a bit tense until I hear him come through the door tomorrow or get a phone call that they are at least off the streets!
See you tomorrow for Sunday inspiration!!!

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