sunday inspiration

since Sundays are typically known as a day of faith & reflection I thought I would feature different things that inspire me on this day each week. My intent is to include a wide variety of inspirational subjects including people, places and things.

When I began exploring the papercrafting world I found Rebecca Sower to be a creative scrapper with a twist. I noticed that she used a lot of fabric, beads and antique elements on her pages. I also found her scrapbook topics and journaling extremely unique and sentimental so I devoured everything I could find from her. I discovered her blog a few years ago and have continued to enjoy watching her art change through the years. I don't believe she scraps anymore but has ventured into the mixed media world of Art. Her thoughtful little creations just plain tickle my senses. Lately she makes me want to pick up needle and thread and gather old fabrics and findings. You can find her blog by clicking on her name above and expect to get lost for a while. Her reflective style of writing brings a calm to my ever chattering brain. She has an incredible garden section on the sidebar that you can't miss (especially here in the NW where we are needing the garden inspiration). She also has a lot of pics of her little goodies under different sidebar categories.

You can find her most recent book available HERE. She is also featured in the Somerset Studio magazines on occasion. I hope you enjoy her work and her writing as much as I do.....

I am very grateful I found her as early in my art experience as I did and will always look for more inspiration and graceful thought provoking prose......

Thank you Rebecca!
You make me slow down and count my blessings!

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