stay the course....

I have completed my morning search of job listings and taking a break. My routine has been checking in on Craig's List and Career Builder throughout the day because they seem to post opportunities more frequently than the rest. I did meet with a recruiter yesterday and have high hopes she can find me something. I used to work with her when I was doing the hiring at my previous position 5 years ago, so we have history and she knows the environment I have experienced.

Any how.... checking in with facebook and twitter I found a new video posted. I have been hoping to get a video of this incredible band to share and it is finally here.....

Not only do the words speak loud and clear to me, I really love the visual presentation. It sends those awesome sparks of delight through my creative nerves. I really missed my calling.... After discovering such joy in paper crafting and artful design, I so wish I would have gone into Graphic Arts. All those years being layout editor for HS yearbooks gone to waste. Oh well..... not good to harbor regrets.....look forward Terri.

I hope you enjoy this music. It's not the "How great thou art" that I grew up with. I long ago embraced this musical genre, and love that I have found a home where I can be free to dance during worship. Jesse just plain ROCKS!

Prodigal from Overlake Christian Church on Vimeo.

PS - His name is Jesse Butterworth and the band has 4 albums you can purchase from ITunes.... (If anyone out there knows how to link ITunes to blogposts please let me know)

Have a great day!!!

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