Thank you for the Cross Service - 2009

Enjoying my Easter weekend with friends! Loved last nights service at Church.
We nailed our scribbled lost hopes to a wooden cross. Now I have a wonderful visual reminder that he will take my burdens on if I just remember to stay connected or seek him. That tends to be the struggle for me though and I'm sure it's a control thing. Never the less this next year I will have something tangible to remember and I'm a visual kind of learner......
Another very cool thing that happened during Pastor Mikes message there was an artist squating down on the stage painting on what looked like some tarps..... At the end Mike lifted up and set on display a large canvas version of the above picture.....
It is a Stunning Canvas!

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stephanie howell said...

wow- that's very powerful.
thanks for sharing.
have a beautiful, blessed Easter!