You know that I must have a thing for Rebecca Sower since this is the third time I mention her. I loved her mixed media style since she had her scrapbooking books published through CK. She inspires me to play with fabrics and look at the world through a different lense. Her art is just plain inspiring and her photography just draws you in. But it's Rebecca's post today that exemplifies why I admire her. She encourages me while prodding me to reflect and take action.
You can read it Here.

The lawns are being mowed right now and the sun is actually shining through my window. I can hardly wait to sweep my porch and water the pots today. It is still too cold for me but the sun is just too inticing. Besides if I don't work outside then I must be working inside -YUK.

Here are a few layouts- Have a great day and weekend everyone.

off to get my work done so I can take Connor to Marymoor Park. Besides his head on my leg right now means he wants some attention. Little does he know that cutting his nails is on my to do list. (twirling my handlebar mustache right now)

PS- The new banner is from House of 3 and there is a link on my sidebar. I have a ton of fun on that new website.......
Have a great weekend!.


vtpuggirl said...

It's a beautiful banner! Love the layouts, esp the pic on the first one is just too cute! Love RS too, even though we are like polar opposites on the style spectrum.

Ayesha said...

i love the banner and the layouts are indeed very nice

rebecca said...

Thank you, dear Terri! I love your site and the spirit in which you write. Blessings to you.