just a little politics

Preface: The last Democrat I voted for was Jimmy Carter. That's right- a long time Red Girl.

When I start beating myself for poor judgement or behavior I am going to think of John McCain. I'm sure it will whip me into proper perspective quickly. What is this man thinking? He wants to suspend his campaign and tomorrows debate and return to Washington to fix the current crises. How he is going to achieve this I don't know since he isn't on the committee and will not be in on the meetings.

I am certainly not an expert on politics but it seems to me that everytime Obama gains momentum in the polls McCain does something quite radical to gain attention. I can't keep track of the strange campaign decisions the Republicans have made. McCains advisors should quit politics and slink away. McCain deserves the blame for listening to them.

America has to make a decision in 40 days on who is going to lead us through this troubled time. A lot of people use the debates to decide and I have a message for McCain:

"The world does not stop because we are in a current financial crises; and my President better be able to handle more than one thing at a time. Get to Mississippi and show America your stuff. Stop with the "no news is good news" mentality. America deserves to hear what you AND PALIN propose to do in detail. If you are not prepared to discuss details, then get out of the way and let Obama continue to lead America's movement of change."

There, I feel much better now.....

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