Last but certainly not least....

Meet my daughter, Melinda. I love this child and really love the lady she has become. She has moved to the Bay area and I miss the daily contact we used to have. I used to watch her dog Katie during the day when she worked at Brooks. I suppose she is now enjoying her independance since moving south and joining the North Face team. It is so funny how things turn out. My work required me to travel to Asia to work with Furniture factories. Her work in product development has required her to also travel (much more than me) overseas. It is quite a feeling to share mutual life experiences like staying the same hotel in mainland China; and seeing the nighttime sights of Hong Kong from the Peak. Those travels were really amazing to me when I did it, but it's something else when you daughter begins to share those years later. I am incredibly proud of her not only for her career accomplishments, but for her heart and soul.

Today I opened my birthday card she sent and I melted into a weepy mess, AGAIN. Pretty card, on the cover it says.... "I know a woman of strength and beauty. I have watched her for years." CHOKE. She has a funny knack of doing that. sending me cards and saying things that I need to hear at that moment. See right now I'm not feeling strong or beautiful, but stressed out and old & haggard. But this card reminds me that these feelings will pass and I will soon return to my old confident, faithful self. FAITH. It's my word of the year. I should be better at keeping it! I even have reminders to look at everyday! Time for a good dose of Pastor Mike at OCC for encouragement too!

OK this has been a rambling disjointed post. I am a better writer than this, Really I am! I am heading off to listen to this weeks sermon on since I missed church - shhhh don't tell anyone! See you all later!

PS - yes I made the faith banner with Jenni Bowlin product. Love that scrapbooking line...

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Sharon said...

Hi Terri - Love your blog! What a great idea and your garden photos are beautiful. Lets get our pups together for a play date.

LOL Sharon R