last of summer

Connor and I went to Ellensburg to visit Sue & Cary last week. It was a great weekend and very beautiful drive up over the pass. You can feel in the air the changing of seasons here now and I suppose my next trip over the pass will be a rainy or snowy one. We had a quick lunch. took the dogs for a walk and then I climbed aboard this thing.

Not by myself have you, but with my brother in law. We were down the road on our way to Robinson canyon before I realized my camera was left behind. I had such a blast on this thing except for the part when Cary told me about the rattlesnakes. Me in my pretty city girl sandles with painted toes hanging out there like bright beakons. Oh and these guys around here don't wear helmets.... No public service announcement here!!! After I safely made it back - I took a second to fix my hair before Sue took Connor and I for a drive around Ellensburg to show me the area. Again, no camera and boy was there some good photo ops! Our trip home was an awesome ride into the sunset listening to U2 Its a Beautiful Day crossing back over the pass.....

I did come home with a few more photos from Sue and the Family archive. One of my graduation photos was in the mix..... here you go - me at 17

Have a great day everybody...... Miss T

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