Happy Birthday Sister Sue!

MY 10 favorite memories about my OLDER sister Sue:

1. Going for rides on the back of the Honda - I think I fell off once didn't I?

2. Spending hours in your room at night - having you put my hair up in those old hard brush curlers. The hairdryer cap & hose thing, & the combing, ratting, styling DO's we would create.

3. Listening to your music with you and I still think you sound just like Diana Ross.

4. Crashing over the garbage can with the car at the hamburger joint/putt putt golf place (what is the name of it?)

5. Watching you at Lakeshore swim club. You and the older girls in the corner, smearing cocoa butter and baby oil and acting so cool. I couldn't wait to be that age.....

6. The water fights you would get in with Dad. The time you brought the hose into the back door to spray Dad. I remember these as pretty wicked. I loved it - Mom didn't.

7. All of the summer pool parties and family times we had when we both lived in Ridgefield. Nobody was safe from being thrown into the pool. The only chance that one might have of escape is the "No, I've got my good watch on!"

8. I loved your Ridgefield home with the Atrium. It was so big and spacious and beautiful. I loved the HUGE Christmas trees you had each year.

9. The watermelon seed spitting contests we had in the front. How on earth can you spit so far?

10. You helping me when I had my first knee surgery. You were a real blessing to me then just as you are to me now.

I love you sister - Happy Birthday!

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